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                                     When to Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up

Let’s face it, furnaces are complicated systems. You certainly don’t want to ignore the furnace telling you there’s something wrong. If you think there’s a problem with your furnace, don’t wait to schedule your tune-up. Don’t assume the furnace will resolve the problem on its own. Here are some signs the furnace will tell you when you should schedule your tune-up.


It’s easy to become comfortable with your furnace. It’s big and complicated and you don’t want to mess with it. We get it. However, if you haven’t had professionals take a look at it over the past few years, your furnace is at risk. You wouldn’t want your furnace conking out on you during one of those harsh March weather days, would you?

An easy way to avoid this catastrophe is by checking your filters. Your filters can become easily clogged with dirt build-up over time. Furnaces need perfect airflow to work properly. Furnace filters need to be replaced on a monthly basis.

Thermostat Issues

Thermostats help furnaces control how much heat is produced. They are the main control system and determine the amount of hot air that gets produced. If you don’t pay attention to the thermostat, you will decrease the lifespan of your furnace. If the thermostat breaks, you will no longer receive the proper air distribution.

Air Circulation

Poor air circulation is one of the most common problems in furnaces. The problem can be caused by fan motors, bearings and loose belts that allow uncontrolled heat to be released. Even the littlest fan motor problems can lead to poor air circulation. If it takes your heating system forever to get up to the right temperature, there’s definitely something wrong with the airflow.

Gas Leakage

If you think your furnace is leaking gas, try and stop it as quickly as possible. If you smell gas, make sure you turn off your gas valve right away. Make sure not to light any matches or turn switches on and off. Contact your local gas utility service to check your furnace and your entire home.

Getting a new unit, scheduling a tune-up, or just need some expert advice? Contact Cardinal Heating & Cooling today for all your furnace needs!