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                        What You Need to Know About Spiral Wine Cellars

You’ve probably been thinking about your dream wine cellar. If it has to be perfect, look no further than spiral wine cellars. They offer beautiful interior designs that are unique to only them. No other wine cellar allows as much versatility. But what are the benefits and drawbacks of owning one? How do they work and what does the cooling process look like? Here are three things you should know about spiral wine cellars. 

The Process is Complex
Installing a spiral wine cellar is no easy task. The excavation process usually starts with a 2500mm diameter cut. Next, depth usually ranges to around 3000mm. Sand is then poured along with a geotextile disk and butyl liner. Concrete is finally added to the base. The stairs are then placed at the bottom and raise only half way up. More concrete is poured between the wall and the stairs. After the concrete is finished, more stairs are added and more concrete is added until it reaches the top. 

The Cooling System is Quite Intricate
A series of pipes are placed in the center of the stairs. This is why you never see the heating and cooling system.The ventilation system begins with cold air flowing through the bottom of the pipes while warm air is sucked out through the top pipe. Warm air is displaced through various small holes in the stairs and then sucked out through the top pipe. As a general role, it is best to keep wine at around 55 degrees. However, the cooling system can be adjusted to whatever temperature you would like. 

Choose Your Design Wisely 
There are various types of trap doors you can choose from. Some offer trap doors that you cannot even see. Other trap doors offer a glass window to see down into the cellar. The most notorious design is the circle spiral with the clear glass. In general, spiral wine cellars can hold up to 1900 bottles of wine. The doors to the spiral wine cellars are operated by flicking a switch on the wall. You will not be able to manually open the cellar door. 

If you really want to impress your friends, tell them about spiral wine cellars. If you’re interested in the cooling systems associated with wine cellars, visit our wine cellar page or contact us.

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