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Tips For Wine Cellar Maintenance

Now that your beautiful wine cellar is installed, it’s time to make sure that you’re keeping it in pristine shape. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re enjoying that cabernet, which has maintained the perfect consistency. Here are some tips to think about after you install your wine cellar.

Set the Right Temperature   
One of the first steps it to make sure that your wine cellar is at the proper temperature. Just like a majority of your other appliances, your wine cellar life depends on how you use it. Modern wine cellars don’t have unlimited capacity to hold as much 
wine as possible, space is limited. Due to the limited amount of space you might have, it’s important to have the right amount of wine stocked. If you overstock the wine in your cellar, it will be hard to keep each bottle at a consistent temperature. Not only will this ruin your wine, but your energy bill will suffer as well.

Choose the Proper Location
Another factor that can impact your wine cellar maintenance is its location. There are various different types of wine cellars. Certain types feature front ventilation while other may have a different type of ventilation system. Front ventilation allows your wine to be stored under counters and different nooks & crannies. For locations that don’t have front ventilation, there’s going to have to be a ventilation room on either side of the unit. Also, consider if your wine cellar is located next to a major heat source.

Clean When You Can
When you’re doing your annual cleaning, make sure you get your wine cellar. It’s easy for dust and other bacteria to start building up if you don’t clean it every now and then. You should unplug your cooler and remove each wine bottle. You should also remove the shelves if you can. After you’ve removed every wine bottle and shelf, simply use a cloth to wipe down any dust or particles you see.

If you want professional wine cellar maintenance, contact 
Cardinal Heating and Cooling today to make sure your wine cellar is in tip-top shape.  

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